NFL Week 8 Predictions (Abridged Version)

I’ve only just got time to write these up an hour before kickoff so I’m just going for an abridged version this week.

Colts (-3) at Lions:

The Colts are underrated and the Lions are overrated. The Colts do have holes but they should control the trenches on both sides of the ball and win here.

Colts 27-20 Lions

Rams (-3.5) at Dolphins

This is the most unpredictable game of the week. It’ll be interesting to see how Tua copes but he has the pieces to succeed. I can see him possibly struggling early and taking a loss here but definitely giving the Dolphins hope here.

Rams 24-20 Dolphins

Raiders at Browns (-1)

All the money is for the Raiders here. They may be the best bet team of the week but I actually like Cleveland here. They’ll have a lot of joy running the ball and the secondary may play better at home. But I’m very happy to fade this game since it’s more of a hunch than an iron clad prediction.

Browns 24-23 Raiders

Vikings at Packers (-6)

There may be money for the Vikings but I love the Packers here. Rodgers will tear up the Vikings secondary and though the Vikings should have some joy on the ground I just feel something is very wrong there and they may be looking at a high draft pick.

Packers 30-20 Vikings

Patriots at Bills (-4.5)

2 underwhelming teams here. This is a game I have utterly 0 intention of betting and I’m picking the Bills just because I think Newton is injured and doesn’t have his head in the right place and their defence should improve soon enough.

Bills 20-13 Patriots

Jets at Chiefs (-19.5)

This line really should be too big since I like the Jets to score 10 but this pretty much depends on how many points the Chiefs want to put up since the Jets won’t be able to stop them. I can’t see the Jets being a back door cover team so I’ll take Kansas here.

Chiefs 35-10 Jets

Steelers (+4) at Ravens

I was originally on Baltimore here but then I remembered that I’m not sold on Jackson this year. I feel he’s not the player he was last year and Baltimore just haven’t really hammered opponents this year in the way they did last year. Now they get a big test here and I can see them coming up short though I feel Pittsburgh will win more because of their offense than their defense.

Steelers 26-20 Ravens

Titans (-7) at Bengals

The Bengals have nearly their entire O-line injured. The Titans have struggled on D but they should surely have a better day here. Also the Bengals D-line struggles so I can see Henry having a big day here. The Titans are one of my plays of the week, especially if this dips to 6.5

Titans 31-17 Bengals

Chargers (-3) at Broncos

The Broncos should be able to cover here, they’ve got less fresh injuries than the Chargers and their defense is playing well. Lock surely has to be better than last week where everything went against the Broncos and the Chargers are still a little hit and miss this year. They will be a team to fear next year but maybe not this year.

Broncos 20-17 Chargers

Saints (-5) at Bears

I still feel the Saints are underrated and the Bears are starting to show some rumblings of internal issues. Brees possibly could struggle here but Payton historically is very good at scheming on the road to tougher defenses so I’ll say the Saints cover here.

Saints 26-20 Bears

49ers at Seahawks (-1)

I feel the Seahawks are overrated and the 49ers are underrated in the media but the betting movement has been for the 49ers. They’re still very well coached on offense and have been gradually getting back players on that side of the ball. This will likely be a shootout and I’m going to take the 49ers to win again.

49ers 34-31 Seahawks

Cowboys at Eagles (-10.5)

I can’t bet this game. I honestly don’t think the new Cowboys QB is going to be as bad as people think but their defense will probably find a way to give up 30 points here as they look to have quit on the season. I’ll just say the Eagles cover for the purposes of this blog.

Eagles 34-20 Cowboys

Buccaneers (-12.5) at Giants

The Giants seem to play better in games where they’re big underdogs like the Rams one. The defense stepped up that day and they may do again here. I still believe they’ll lose but they may keep the Bucs down to 24 points or so and I can see them getting a cover from that unless Jones throws a pick 6.

Bucaneers 24-14 Giants

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