Premier League Predictions – Gameweek 7

Hey everyone, I’m back for another round of Premier League predictions. Last week was an ok week, we only went 5/10 on matches but got a 3/1 draw for the Leicester game and a 7/2 draw for the Liverpool game. I probably should’ve had the City game as well and am annoyed at myself for not having the guts to pick them to win outright. Anyway, without further ado, here are the next round of Premier league predictions.

Man United vs Everton Prediction

Odds: Man U – 4/9 Draw – 7/2 Everton – 13/2

I really want to take United on at the moment with Maguire out as he is just about their most crucial player given the fall off in quality at centre back behind him but I’m not sure I can here. That’s because Everton will be missing Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison and while Gray has been a revelation this season, I’m not sure guys like Iwobi and Rondon quite have the quality to take advantage of United’s current struggles. I can still see United getting a couple of goals here as their midweek win from behind will have boosted morale and that should be enough for them to get the win. It could be worth looking at Mason Greenwood for FPL managers as Everton struggled against wide players in their last away match in the league.

Man United 2-0 Everton

Burnley vs Norwich Prediction

Odds: Burnley – 17/20 Draw – 13/5 Norwich – 10/3

I like Burnley in this spot a lot though odds on isn’t an exciting price. They’ve been good in the last 3 games minus 30 minutes at Everton and are playing more than well enough to win here. Norwich aren’t good enough for the Premier League and the strategy of buying a lot of cheap squad players instead of a talisman has proven to be a major bust with there being no goals in them and the defence is poor. Chris Wood is in form and can score again here in a 2-0 win for Burnley.

Burnley 2-0 Norwich

Chelsea vs Southampton Prediction

Odds: Chelsea – 4/11 Draw – 15/4 Southampton – 8/1

Chelsea’s results are finally starting to show the level they’ve been playing at lately with losses to Juventus and City but with a run of games against weaker teams, Lukaku should be able to bully defenders again and I like him a lot in this matchup. Southampton tend to play the big sides really well though so they should keep this one close but I don’t feel they have the firepower to get a result from this game, they’ll be relying on a 0-0 which I don’t think they’ll get.

Chelsea 2-1 Southampton

Leeds vs Watford Prediction

Odds: Leeds – 7/10 Draw – 3/1 Watford – 15/4

Watford were a little disappointing against Newcastle and were lucky not to lose. But I still like them to get a point here, the injuries for Ayling and Bamford are big for Leeds and they still haven’t improved from last season. With no Bamford, they won’t score as much and their defence is still really poor so I can see Sarr scoring again here in a 1-1 draw.

Leeds 1-1 Watford

Wolves vs Newcastle Prediction

Odds: Wolves – 8/13 Draw – 16/5 Newcastle – 17/4

I know Wolves finally got a win last weekend and they did play well. But I don’t like them in this matchup, they struggle to create big chances and aren’t the most clinical of sides which should play into the wheelhouse of Newcastle. They create a lot of chances and I think over 4/1 is a good price on them to improve their finishing. This is going to be my upset prediction of the week as I like Newcastle to get a 2-1 win here with Wilson amongst the goals.

Wolves 1-2 Newcastle

Brighton vs Arsenal Prediction

Odds: Brighton – 19/10 Draw – 9/4 Arsenal – 6/4

This game will be 1-0 to Arsenal or 1-1 I think. I’m going to take Arsenal to win just because I like the new solidity they have at the back and I’m not sold fully on how great Brighton are going forward and Arsenal are at the top of their game all of a sudden after crushing Spurs last weekend. They didn’t create too much against a Palace side that are similarly solid to Arsenal but a weaker team and they may come unstuck here. I don’t really have any standout guess for a scorer but I would be playing an Arsenal defender in FPL this weekend.

Brighton 0-1 Arsenal

Crystal Palace vs Leicester Prediction

Odds: Palace – 21/10 Draw – 12/5 Leicester – 13/10

Leicester have been a really disappointing team this season and I like Palace to win here. Leicester played in Poland on Thursday so will be less rested and have had to fly home while Palace have had a clean week of training after the Monday night game. Palace are also solid at the back and while I feel Vardy might score again here, they should keep Leicester down to 1 goal and I like them to score a couple here against a pedestrian Leicester defence. Zaha and Gallagher look the most likely goal outputs and could be nice FPL differentials this weekend.

Palace 2-1 Leicester

Tottenham vs Aston Villa Prediction

Odds: Spurs – 11/10 Draw – 13/5 Villa – 12/5

I hate the lack of value but I still like Spurs to win here. Their struggles going forward are well documented but they could’ve had more than 1 against Arsenal and Villa are probably the weakest defensive team Spurs have had to play since they played Watford and with Kane looking back to form, it might be time for them to have a breakout win and build momentum. Villa were very impressive last week against United but I still feel they’re a mid-table side and might lack a bit of consistency this season. 

Tottenham 2-1 Aston Villa

West Ham vs Brentford Prediction

Odds: West Ham – 3/4  Draw – 11/4 Brentford – 15/4

I think the market has Brentford wrong again here. I think they should definitely get at least a draw and have a good chance to win this one. West Ham struggled against both Southampton and Crystal Palace who base their team off defensive solidarity like Brentford do and I’d argue that Brentford are currently better than both of those sides. West Ham also played on Thursday which helps Brentford again in this one as they have had more time to prepare for this one. That being said, I’m going to bottle it and say this is a 1-1 draw since West Ham are still a better attacking side than Brentford and are also high on confidence right now.

West Ham 1-1 Brentford

Liverpool vs Man City Prediction

Odds: Liverpool – 19/10 Draw – 5/2 Man City – 11/8

I like Liverpool to win here. They’re firing on all cylinders right now going forward and though they have the defensive issues still, City have only scored once in 3 matches and have a clear issue with finishing chances though they should have a good matchup down the left side of the field here with Milner likely playing at right back. The Liverpool midfield is playing at a very high level right now and that’s probably going a little unnoticed at the moment and they will definitely be playing at a high intensity given this is the last game before the international break so they should be able to rattle the City midfield with the pressing game and force them into mistakes. The home atmosphere will be an advantage as well and putting that all together, I like Liverpool to win this one 3-1 with Salah scoring a couple and Jones being a possible scorer.

Liverpool 3-1 Man City


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