Premier League Predictions – Round 9

We’re back for another round of Premier League Predictions. Last week was the best so far this season, we went 8/10 with multiple higher priced winners. If you’d put £5 on every prediction made on the blog last week, you’d have been £52.30 in profit. Without further ado, here are my predictions for round 9 of the Premiership season.

Arsenal vs Aston Villa

Odds: Arsenal – 10/11 Draw – 13/5 Villa – 3/1

My Prediction:

I’m pretty down on both teams at the moment. Arsenal were massively outplayed by Crystal Palace on Monday night and were extremely fortunate to draw, while Villa blew a 2-0 lead in the last 10 minutes at home to Wolves which is sure to hurt confidence. I’m not betting this game and I can see this being a draw. Villa tend to be tighter at the back away from home and with Arsenal lacking an attacking threat at the moment, I see this being a poor game and a 1-1 draw.

Arsenal 1-1 Aston Villa

Chelsea vs Norwich

Odds: Chelsea – 2/11 Draw – 13/2 Norwich – 13/1

My Prediction:

Chelsea have lost Lukaku and Werner to injury so they might not be as potent in front of goal for a while. I don’t think this will change the result here though, I’d have originally said 3 or 4-0 to Chelsea since they’re a class above Norwich but now I can see it being more of a comfortable 2-0 win. Norwich have started to look better at the back so maybe they will start to turn their form around once they start finding some goals but I doubt this is the fixture they’ll do it in.

Chelsea 2-0 Norwich

Crystal Palace vs Newcastle

Odds: Palace – 10/11 Draw – 13/5 Newcastle – 3/1

My Prediction:

I know people are excited about the Newcastle takeover. But it didn’t give them a bounce last week on field for more than 10 minutes and they are a seriously poor side. Meanwhile, Palace looked really professional against Arsenal and were desperately unlucky to draw. I like them to make up for it here with a win though I’m not in love with taking an odds on price for it. Newcastle tend to score so I can see them doing that again here, but it won’t be enough to get a result.

Crystal Palace 2-1 Newcastle

Everton vs Watford

Odds: Everton – 13/20 Draw – 14/5 Watford – 9/2

What I think will happen:

I like Everton to win here. They look to be getting Richarlison back which will be a huge boost in front of goal and Watford look like they’ll need a lot of time to get used to Ranieri’s style of football. They completely gave up against Liverpool and you have to wonder if their players were unhappy to see Munoz get sacked despite having them in a fairly reasonable position in the league. Everton will fancy getting a rare clean sheet given Watford’s awful away record in front of goal as well and I see them winning 1-0.

Everton 1-0 Watford

Leeds vs Wolves

Odds: Leeds – 7/5 Draw – 12/5 Wolves – 19/10

My Prediction:

The odds are wrong for this game since Wolves should be favourites on current form. That being said, I see this being a 1-1. Leeds were woeful going forward against Southampton but Wolves aren’t the best at the back right now and Leeds can get a goal. Wolves might struggle to get more than 1 goal themselves as Leeds have only conceded once in the last couple of games and Wolves do have the tendency to miss big chances which may stop them from competing for Europe this season.

Leeds 1-1 Wolves

Southampton vs Burnley

Odds: Southampton – 19/20 Draw – 13/5 Burnley – 14/5 

My Prediction:

This is a good spot to take an upset win. Burnley didn’t play badly against Man City and probably should’ve scored and made the game closer. Southampton did manage to beat Leeds but struggled to get many shots on target and don’t look too dangerous in front of goal still. Burnley will eventually score goals again at some point soon given they have fairly decent strikers and this feels like the game that it will happen. The only issue with this pick is that Burnley’s defence has been underwhelming this season so I’m going for a 2-1 scoreline here.

Southampton 1-2 Burnley

Brighton vs Manchester City

Odds: Brighton – 7/1 Draw – 15/4 Man City – 2/5 

My Prediction:

Man City have gotten rolling as of late and they should be able to get a comfortable win here. Brighton have offered little threat in front of goal as of late and with guys like Foden, De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva playing at a high level for City, it’s hard to see them not winning this one. City have been a shade sloppy at the back as of late but I’m still taking them to get a clean sheet here as they should see most of the ball and restrict the chances that Brighton can create.

Brighton 0-3 Man City

Brentford vs Leicester City

Odds: Brentford – 8/5 Draw – 23/10 Leicester – 7/4

My Prediction:

This game looks set to be a goalfest. Leicester have really found their feet going forward in the last couple of games and Brentford have been scoring all season. I like Leicester here though, they’re playing pretty well again now and look like a team to back until the odds start adjusting for that. If they had been playing this way all season, they’d likely be 11/10 for this game so we’re getting some value here. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a draw though and the main thing I’m predicting here is there’ll be a lot of goals.

Brentford 2-3 Leicester

West Ham vs Tottenham

Odds: West Ham – 13/10 Draw – 12/5 Spurs – 21/10

My Prediction:

I have this game down as a draw. I get why West Ham are favourites given that Spurs haven’t been great this season and are now poor at the back and I do like them to get a couple of goals here. The issue is, West Ham aren’t great at the back and Kane and Son look to be back to somewhere near their best, I like Kane to score again here and for Spurs to also get a couple of goals. I actually think they’re the more likely winner of the 2 teams but that a draw is probably the best bet for this one.

West Ham 2-2 Spurs

Manchester United vs Liverpool

Odds: Man United – 21/10 Draw – 5/2 Liverpool – 5/4

My Prediction:

I’m taking United here. Both teams are poor at the back right now so there’s likely to be a high number of goals again, but there’s a couple of things swaying me towards United. The first thing is that Old Trafford will likely be rocking for this, they’ve just had a huge comeback win on Wednesday and now they play their biggest historical rivals the Sunday after. The other factor is Liverpool have been woeful at Old Trafford in recent years, especially with fans in attendance and I can see them potentially putting in another poor performance here which could cost them dearly. I can see United winning this 4-2.

Man United 4-2 Liverpool


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