American Football

In this section you’ll find previews for all 256 regular season NFL games and the playoffs. I will also post opinion pieces during the offseason about free agency and the draft and what to look out for in the following season.

NFL Week 4 Picks

Cincinnati Bengals vs Miami Dolphins Spread: Bengals -4 My Pick: I’m keen on the Bengals here. Their Achilles heel has been that Joe Burrow has been constantly getting sacked this year but that shouldn’t happen this game as Miami has the worst pressure rate in the league. Miami also has been giving up 5 yardsContinue reading “NFL Week 4 Picks”

NFL Week 1 Picks

Los Angeles Rams vs Buffalo Bills Spread: Bills -2.5 My Pick: This should be a fun one to start the season. These are 2 of the best outfits in the NFL and a lot of people would not be surprised at all if this ended up being the SuperBowl. The Bills have one of theContinue reading “NFL Week 1 Picks”

NFL Week 12 Picks

Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears Spread: Bears -3 My Pick: If Trey Flowers was fit I’d be taking the Lions here since he’d dominate the dreadful Bears O-line. Unfortunately him and a couple of other guys are injured on the Lions D-line and since they have an awful secondary they may struggle to stop theContinue reading “NFL Week 12 Picks”

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