American Football

In this section you’ll find previews for all 256 regular season NFL games and the playoffs. I will also post opinion pieces during the offseason about free agency and the draft and what to look out for in the following season.

NFL Week 16 Picks Abridged Version

Jacksonville Jaguars @ New York Jets Spread: Jets -2.5 My Pick: The Jaguars are a bit too injured for me on the offensive line front in this one. The only major weakness on either defense is the Jaguars struggle against the pass but Wilson sucks so expect a low scoring game where the Jets edge…

NFL Week 15 Picks

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks Spread: 49ers -3.5 My Pick: The spread has moved a couple of points from the advance spread of 49ers -1.5 but I don’t think it’s moved enough. The Seattle defense is back to being miserable and they have no run game without Walker, he might play here but will…

NFL Week 14 Picks

Las Vegas Raiders @ LA Rams Spread: Raiders -6 My Pick: I like the Rams to keep this close, they have an excellent run defense and may be able to put the clamps enough on Josh Jacobs. Also tanking teams always play harder at home and the Raiders still don’t have amazing coaching and Carr…

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