NFL Wildcard Weekend Preview and Predictions

Colts at Bills (-6.5) My initial thought was that this spread feels a bit on the low side but I can see why the spread is around 7 now. The Bills will be hyped as being able to win this one easily but I’m not sure this will be a blowout. This is because theContinue reading “NFL Wildcard Weekend Preview and Predictions”

NFL Week 17 Preview and Predictions

Falcons at Buccaneers (-7) Neither team really has much to play for here but the Falcons have come off a back breaking loss and with Morris likely to be leaving after this game, it’s more likely they’ll not be playing as hard as Tampa who need to stay hot heading into the playoffs. Tampa alsoContinue reading “NFL Week 17 Preview and Predictions”

NFL Week 16 Preview and Predictions

Falcons at Chiefs (-10.5) I think the spread here is pretty spot on, 10 seems the right number but with no Julio or Mack available for the Falcons the Chiefs should have the advantage here. When I’m in a coinflip on spread numbers I like to default to the better team so I’ll take theContinue reading “NFL Week 16 Preview and Predictions”

NFL Week 15 Preview and Predictions

Bears at Vikings (-3) On paper these 2 teams are pretty much level in terms of form so the home team being favoured by 3 seems an accurate spread so I’m struggling to find a reason to bet this game. If there’s going to be an edge for either side it would come through theContinue reading “NFL Week 15 Preview and Predictions”

NFL Week 14 Preview and Predictions (Abridged Version)

Sorry that these posts are a little sporadic at the moment. I should be back to normal from week 16 and will be able to give full previews of the playoff games with more indepth research once it gets around to that time of season. Without further ado, onto the quick week 14 predictions. CardinalsContinue reading “NFL Week 14 Preview and Predictions (Abridged Version)”

NFL Week 12 Predictions (Abridged Version)

Sorry everyone, I’m busy again this weekend so I only have time to do brief previews of the week 12 slate of games. Cardinals (-1.5) at Patriots This spread looks suspiciously low. Based on what we saw from New England last week you’d expect Arizona to be too fast for this team and win easily.Continue reading “NFL Week 12 Predictions (Abridged Version)”

NFL Week 11 Preview and Predictions

Eagles at Browns (-2.5) My way of approaching this game was to look through the form lines both teams had with the Bengals. The Eagles tying at home with the Bengals and the Browns winning by 3 on the road in the Bengals would normally make the Browns a team that would be 6 pointContinue reading “NFL Week 11 Preview and Predictions”

NFL Week 8 Predictions (Abridged Version)

I’ve only just got time to write these up an hour before kickoff so I’m just going for an abridged version this week. Colts (-3) at Lions: The Colts are underrated and the Lions are overrated. The Colts do have holes but they should control the trenches on both sides of the ball and winContinue reading “NFL Week 8 Predictions (Abridged Version)”

NFL Week 7 Picks and Previews

Browns (-3) at Bengals: I don’t really like either side here. The Browns would normally be an obvious play but they’re missing their best run blocker and a receiver. Mayfield also isn’t fully fit so their offense is in trouble here. They killed the Bengals on the ground earlier in the season but it mayContinue reading “NFL Week 7 Picks and Previews”