Betting Tips

This is the section where all of my betting tips can be found, I will post in here when I bet on sports events and will also link articles from other section of the site which contain betting tips into this section.

If you are interested in the strategy I use to bet and general ways I have learnt to beat the bookies over the long term then I have explained it here.

Betting Tips 12/03/2020

Wednesday’s Results: Units Staked: 5 Units Returned: 18.2 P/L: +13.2pts Weekly P/L: +14.95pts Biathlon: Fourcade and Fillon Maillet to win men’s sprint: 0.5pt each (11/1) (6/1) Boe is way too short here having missed 3 in the mass start last week and 2 misses here would give him not much chance of winning. He is…

Betting Tips 11/03/2020

Tuesday’s Results: Units Staked: 2 Units Returned: 7 P/L: +5pts Weekly P/L: +1.75pts Horse Racing: 1:30 – Envoi Allen has a huge chance, Elliott horses ran well today and he may be seen as a festival banker but I would only put it in accumulators rather than lump it as a single. Sporting John is…

Betting Tips 10/03/2020

Saturday’s Results: Units Staked: 5.5 Units Returned: 2.25 P/L: -3.25pts Weekly P/L: -3.25pts Horse Racing: This is the worst day for betting at Cheltenham in my eyes and being very cautious is advised with tomorrow looking like a big opportunity for winners. But I’ll try and walk through angles to aim at for the card…

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