NFL Week 6 Picks

Hey everyone, I’m back again with my NFL picks and previews for week 6. We went 9-5-1 against the spread last week which makes it 2 out of the last 3 weeks now where we’ve had nearly double the number of wins than we’ve had losses against the spread. Hopefully we keep this momentum goingContinue reading “NFL Week 6 Picks”

NFL Week 5 Picks and Previews

Hey everyone, I’m back for week 5 of the NFL season. We went 8-7 ATS last week which was a little worse than I had liked. I fell into the trap of backing teams with bad red zone numbers which proved to be costly for teams like the Eagles and Lions and a couple ofContinue reading “NFL Week 5 Picks and Previews”

NFL Week 3 Previews and Picks

Hey everyone, I’m now back from my holiday so I’ll be back to posting again after a brief break. Last week wasn’t as bad as week 1 but wasn’t quite up to scratch, hopefully this week will be the week where results finally start to come in. Without further ado, here are my week 3Continue reading “NFL Week 3 Previews and Picks”

NFL Week 2 Previews and Game Picks

Hey everyone. This is round 2 of my NFL regular season predictions. I had a bad start last week but week 1 can be tough since you’re dealing with a lot of unknown factors and I feel I have a better understanding now of where teams are at so I’m hoping to get above .500Continue reading “NFL Week 2 Previews and Game Picks”